Angular 5 environment setup

Welcome to the first post of the Angular 5 learning series.In previous post Introduction to Angular 5 you are introduced to Angular 5 development.In this post we will discuss about how to setup angular development environment in local machine and software's need to be installed to run angular web application.

Software's required for angular setup

3.Angular CLI
4.IDE(Integrated Development Environment) for writing code.
Note: To work with Angular 4 or 5 we must need latest versions of node and npm. Node version must be greater than 4 and npm version must be greater than 3.

Node JS

Node JS is a cross platform server framework which can run on different operating systems like Windows,Linux,Ubuntu and Mac OS etc.It is also open source tool and uses asynchronous programming which provides java script execution environment on server side to run web application.
We can download Node Js from it's official website


 From here choose the package based on your operating system and install it.Once Node JS installed npm will also get installed along with nodejs. To check the installation of both nodejs and npm on your machine try below commands in command prompt.
node -v for nodejs
npm -v for npm
If nodejs is installed it should display versions like below.


Angular CLI

Angular cli is a command line interface to scaffold and build angular apps using nodejs style modules. Not only it provides you scalable project structure, instead it handles all common tedious tasks for you out of the box.

visit the home page of angular cli to get more references through documentation.

Angular cli generates components,pipes,services and routes with simple commands. CLI also generates test shells for all these.It makes easy to test application in local machine using ng serve.
To install angular cli type below command in your command prompt.
npm install –g @angular/cli
This command installs angular cli globally in local machine.It will take few minutes to install all dependencies.After completion of installation you will get a messages in your terminal.


Once angular cli installed in your machine check whether is it installed or not using below command in terminal.
ng -v or ng --version
It will display Angular cli version along with node and OS details in terminal.

Angular 5 environment setup

You can use any IDE of you choice like Visual Studio Code,Web Storm,Atom,Visual Studio Express and Sublime editor etc.I prefer using Visual studio code.You can download it from it's official website


It is a open source IDE with cross platform compatibility.In next post we will create our first angular web application.
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