Introduction to Angular 5

I every welcome to mitechdev.It has been a long time i posted in I took long time to come up with this angular 5 tutorial series followed by sample applications.

Introduction to Angular 5

Angular 4 is a java script framework for building web application(best for single page applications) with html,css and typescript.Here typescript is a super set of java script developed by microsoft.

Unlike javascript libraries like jquery Angular as a framework which provides built in features for animation,http service,typescript compiler which compiles typescript code to native browser understandable java script and displays same in browser.


This angular 5 tutorial series is designed for web application developer who want to learn basics of angular 4 in a simple manner.And sample application i am going to post will help programmers in developing angular application.This series will give good understanding of various functionalities of Angular 4 with simple examples.


Prerequisites for this series is basic understanding of HTML,CSS,Java script,Typescript and Document Object Model(DOM).If refer official documentation of typescript from here.


Angular is a most popular java script framework to develop web applications.Unlike jquery it provides built in services,animations and UI components(Material Angular).In future articles we will learn about angular in a simple and easy understandable way with simple examples through

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