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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Features of ASP.NET MVC

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ASP.NET MVC became the most popular frame work for web development among all the Microsoft frameworks. Now, we are going to learn that ‘what makes this framework best for the web development’ among all the Microsoft web development tools.

·       What are the advantages of ASP.NET MVC?

·        What are the important features of ASP.NET MVC?

·        Why we should go for ASP.NET MVC instead of ASP.NET?

For all these questions the answer is single.

ASP.NET MVC Features:

1)Seperation Of Concern:

·        Separation of concern is a process  of diving the application development into separate modules then the development becomes easy. This is one of the best feature of the ASP.NET MVC  remaining all features are dependent on this Seperation of concern.

·        In MVC presentation logic(nothing but ‘View’) is separated from Database logic(Model).

·        Due to this handling of Complex applications are easy(testing, development and maintenance ).

2)Loosely Coupled:

·        ‘Loosely coupled’ It sounds new. it is nothing but dependency of modules in project.
·        If a application is tightly coupled that kind of applications are difficult to modify(if it needs any modifications).

·        MVC allows loosely coupled so, it can be easily modified/extended at any point of time without modifying entire project.

3)Parallel development:

·        MVC application can be developed by multiple developers at a time . it is called as parallel development.

·        If one programmer is working on views another one can work on models without waiting/depending on other. it saves lots of time.

·        It will cause development process more easy and faster.

4)Easy to perform Unit Testing:

·        Unit testing is the process of testing the required portion of application which we want to modify which is done by the developer after completion of his applications

·        Due to ‘SOC’ separation of concern it is easy to perform unit testing.

·        At time of development if any options need to be provided then it is easy with out effecting entire application.

5)TDD(Test driven development):

·        TDD stands for Test driven development. It is latest development process
·        In TDD  testers will provide guidelines for developers for further application development.

6)Clean URL’s:

·        ASP.NET MVC uses different URL system that does not depends on the File system( traditional Webforms uses file based url’s for navigation).It uses Controller based Url system.

·        These url’s are simple and clean that will help for SOE(Search engine optimization ).

7)Improved Performance:

·        Due to server controllers,View states,Client side session controls in traditional ASP.NET webforms page loading takes more time than ASP.NET MVC pages.

·        In MVC we are using HTML helpers and plain html. There is now server controls

·        And MVC supports integration of client javascript frameworks like jquery.Due this the execution also more faster.

8)New features:

Microsoft added some new features for better development using MVC that are not present Webforms.

These new features makes developer to develop fast.
Following are some new features of MVC
1.     Scaffold templates
2.     Filters
3.     Routing and attribute routing
4.     HTML helpers
5.     WebAPI
And Entity framework(a database framework we will going to discuss this later.)

Despite of all this ASP.NET MVc is very easy to learn. Developers how know the C#,ASP.NET can easily learn and develop ASP.NET MVC applications.


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